Alisha Explores Amsterdam

Fiance and I took a quick weekend trip to Amsterdam. It was a nice quick getaway, that also had….”fun” weather. Haha. There was a storm that came from the Atlantic that rocked London and Amsterdam pretty bad the entire weekend. There were moments were we just went inside a store just to be out of the rain and heavy wind. It was rough. We stayed … Continue reading Alisha Explores Amsterdam

Alisha Explores Luzern and Zurich

Switzerland An expensive place But a beautiful place I went to Switzerland for work, as half of my team is based out of the city of Luzern (or Lucerne depending on what map you look at). I took advantage of my weeklong trip to Luzern by going early and staying late. I arrived in Zurich on a Sunday morning, and the snow was starting to … Continue reading Alisha Explores Luzern and Zurich

Alisha Explores Vientiane

This month, Fiance and I went to a new country and new city: Vientiane, Laos. Why Laos? Why Vientiane? Well, pretty easy answer. We had gone to most of South East Asia and wanted to go somewhere new. So Laos seemed like something good. As well, Vientiane was a very short and cheap flight from Shanghai. So, we booked it while in a brewery in … Continue reading Alisha Explores Vientiane

Alisha Explores Singapore

The Merlion City Fiance and I decided to head out to Singapore for a short weekend trip. It’s one of those places that both of us have wanted to go to, but it’s one of those places where there’s not much to do to really validate a long vacation there (think Dubai). We took a red eye flight from Shanghai and landed in Singapore about … Continue reading Alisha Explores Singapore

Alisha Explores Abu Dhabi and Dubai

I have traveled more in this job than I have ever (even when working as a Management Consultant). This time, my work took me to Abu Dhabi for a week-long work trip. It was a for an internal sales conference, where I was scheduled to speak on the 2nd day of the event. For a majority of the week, I was busy networking and learning … Continue reading Alisha Explores Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Alisha Explores Seoul (again)

For this years Tomb Sweeping Holiday, Boyfriend and I went back to Seoul. We love Seoul. It’s a beautiful city, with amazing food and drinks. It’s also got really cheap K-beauty products, which makes a lot of sense since you know, you’re in Korea As well, one of my childhood friends was going to be in town for the weekend visiting our other childhood friend … Continue reading Alisha Explores Seoul (again)