Alisha Moves to London

I wrote this on July 10, the day I moved from Shanghai to London. Due to some complexities, I was unable to be public about this move till now

And this time to London

Again, this has been something I know coming for awhile. I was asked if I would move to London by my boss the day before my trip to Thailand. Instead of having a relaxing holiday, Boyfriend and I had to talk and make a decision.

We came back from the holiday with our decision made and then it was all discussions regarding moving dates, salaries, titles, etc. Part of the reason I was asked to move to London was as part of a promotion. So I started doing the new job, in addition to my old job. Boy, it was a stressful time.

And now I’m off to London, to start a new. I’m excited. I’m scared. As a college student, I did a summer study abroad in Brighton, which is about 1ish hour south from London, along the English Channel coast. So I feel like I have a little of an idea of what I’m getting myself into, but it will clearly not be enough. Or at least a little of what I’m expecting.

I’m going to miss Shanghai a lot. I’ve had the most splendid experience these last 1.5 years living in shanghai that I would never trade in the world. I’ve met a ton of great people that I will stay in touch with and a place I actually could call home.

I can’t wait until Boyfriend joins me later this year. We’re doing essential the same sort of move we did to Shanghai, except reversed. I’m going ahead and setting up our apartment and life, and he’ll follow.

It’s exciting. And scary. But it’ll be a new world

Here’s to new life adventures


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