Alisha Explores Seoul (again)

For this years Tomb Sweeping Holiday, Boyfriend and I went back to Seoul.

We love Seoul. It’s a beautiful city, with amazing food and drinks. It’s also got really cheap K-beauty products, which makes a lot of sense since you know, you’re in Korea

As well, one of my childhood friends was going to be in town for the weekend visiting our other childhood friend who lives in Seoul, so we thought it would be a good surprise.

I love Seoul. Boyfriend and I headed out to Seoul on a Thursday night as we had a 3-day weekend for the Chinese May Day holiday

When we landed on Thursday, we headed straight to Hongdae to the same hotel we stayed in the last time. We wanted to check out a food night market. So we headed out to Dongdaemun Market.

Little did we know that Dongdaemun was much more of a mall area than a food area. We did get some snacks, but not a whole lot.


The one thing I did like of our trip to Dongdaemun was that we got to see the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. I was only interested in seeing this as it was the cover of our Seoul travel book.


On Friday morning, we went to Boseung Hall to get pork hangover soup for breakfast


This was something we got the first time in Seoul. Its amazing. The meat falls right off the bone, the broth is spicy and tangy. Its absolutely wonderful.

After, we headed out to Gwangjang Market to eat some more street food. Here, oyou can find mungbean cakes, knifecut noodles, dumplings galore!


2 days before heading out to Seoul, the new Netflix show “Street Food” came out. Boyfriend and I watched the one about Seoul, and in Gwangjang Market, WE SAW THE LADY


We got her knife-cut noodles (very good) and her kimchi dumplings. Maybe I have gotten too used to chinese dumplings, so these werent as much of a love for me.

After eating some more, we headed out to Myeongdong Market. Here, we bought a LOT of k-beauty products. it was wonderful, but also a blackhole

The crazy thing about Myeongdong Market is the vast number of Innisfrees. You can always see another Innisfree from another Innisfree. It’s a bit ridicolous.

Then we headed out to Itaewon, which is very close to where the US army base is. So it’s a bit more americanized, including being able to get american baseball team lighters

The next morning, we went on a run along the Han river

We then, of course, went back to Boseung Hall to get their pork hangover stew. It is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

After showering, we headed out to Gangnam and went shopping. It was a really great afternoon and relaxing.

After, we met my 2 childhood friends for a surprise at Flowers Pig Gallery. It was fun to see them all once again. Flowers Pig Gallery is an all-you-can-eat self-serve korean bbq. place

SO GOOD. After, we spent the evening together, walking around Hongdae and playing games in the street. We got a KTV room and sang our hearts out

The next morning, Boyfriend and I again went to Boseung Hall (pattern here..?) and got the pork hangover stew as the last thing Boyfriend and I did in Seoul.

All in all, I love Seoul. This time, I got to eat a lot more good street food and shopped a lot more. I hope to go back again, and spend the entire time at a KSpa!

You can read about my first trip to Seoul here


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