Alisha Gets Married

I didn’t know when I was going to post this. I wrote this in January 2020 after missing my Husband. We both agreed to not tell our parents until we had our first kid…Then 2020 happened. So. That plan went down the drain

We were both so awake. I had flown in the day before from London and landed at 2 pm. Fiance also flew in the day before, but from Shanghai.

Fiance and I decided to elope after a number of conversations post engagement. Since long before our engagement, we have been talking about getting married, but Fiance didn’t want to tell me much about how and when he was going to propose. So when he did propose, I was ready.

We decided to elope in the city we met. There were some back and forth on where, but it made the most sense to do it in the city we met, the city we fell in love, and the city we thought we would have spent the rest of our lives together had it not been our decision to move to Shanghai.

We both woke up at 4 am in San Francisco. So awake. We wasted time working out + watching TV before our hotel’s breakfast opened at 6 am (so late!).

After breakfast, I started getting prepared. For our wedding, I was doing a natural face that I typically wear + light smokey brown eye shadow. What took the longest was curling my hair. I even burnt my ear in preparation (good job me!)

In typically me fashion, I had bought 10 dresses and brought 3 dresses to San Francisco. I showed each one on to Fiance, and he agreed with the one I liked. Why did I even bring all of the other dresses, I don’t know.

I loved my bouquet. I got it at my favorite florist, Ampersand. They make the absolutely best bouquets. I highly recommend them. They were able to incorporate marigolds and mute pink roses into it. I know a super weird combination, but I wanted marigolds and the mute pink roses. Marigolds for my heritage (i tried finding a red dress or a sari to wear instead of the white dress. Let me say all of them were horrible). And i absolutely love muted pink roses.

We then went to City Hall for our marriage certificate and wedding ceremony. We met with our friend who was our witness and with our photographer. And we got married at 10:30 am in SF City Hall, one of the best and beautiful places to get married at:

It was one of the best moments of my life. I was so happy that I had to really force myself to not cry while the judge was talking through our vows. One of the most hilarious moments of it all was when Husband and I finally got to kiss as husband and wife, our Witness yelled out “KISS HIM REAL GOOD”

After our wedding, we went back to our hotel and got out of the wedding clothes, and changed into street clothes to enjoy San Francisco, eating at the best restaurants and drinking at the best bars.

Happy marriage 🙂


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