Alisha Explores Macau + Hong Kong

Work style. This post will be short, as the trip was mostly work

Last week, my company had our FY19 kick-off in Macau. Every year, every department in my company flies all of it’s employees somewhere for a week-long conference. This year, our China Central Operations + my department (the tech department) all went to Macau. That main photo on this post is JUST the tech department ( about 1/3) of the conference attendees

It was a fun week, and i’ll save you the bore of work stuff, so here were the highlights:

  • My friend and I got in an night early and our hotel upgraded us to a 2 room, 2 bathroom, 3 roomed master bathroom suite. it was amazing. Yes, there were 2 rooms in our suite. there were 2 bathrooms. and the master bathroom had 3 rooms, the toilet, the closet, and the main part with a full rain shower and full jacuzzi bath.AMAZINGGG
  • Our first day, 2 of my friends and I got egg tarts from Lord Stows inside the Venetian hotel. We proceeded to get lost for 1 hour trying to find the exit out of the Venetian.
    • We had seen the head of HR and one of the directors shortly after entering the Venetian who told us they were looking for the exit. We at the time thought they were joking, but soon found that it was impossible to find the exit.
  • Our first night, we had a “Back to the 80s” themed cocktail party on the pool deck of the Parisian hotel
  • Our 2nd night, we had a scavenger hunt in the old part of Macau. Had some the best beef noodle soup with my team
    • One of my team members convinced the owner of LimonCello Gelato to give us a 3 scoops for the price of 2 since there was 9 of us purchasing on once. She agreed, and it was tasty
  • Our 3rd night, we had a “Future” Gala dinner. Folks dressed up in whatever they thought “the future” was. We had awesomeeee food (king crab legs, freshly cut beef and lamb roast, scallops, fresh oysters, pasta, traditional chinese food, typical western food galore
    • ALSO, people performed on the main stage. It was amazing.
      • Our visa team had the sole male on the team rapping Linkin Park.
      • Our CIO, CPO, and Head of Legal rapped Beastie Boys together.
      • Our CEO made a whole music video.
    • Our friend won 1st place playing our kick off’s app game (basically flappy birds). Funny story about when/where he won it. It involved the 5 mins before the announcement was made and a bathroom break

Photos from around Macau

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Photos from our 80s party

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Photos from our Future Gala

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Our Conference ended Friday night, and we were allowed to leave whenever on Friday. My friends and I were planning on eatings at this local eatery before all getting on the ferry to Hong Kong.

However, one of our friend could not be found. The last we had seen of him was at this club we ended up with 1/2 the tech department (including our head + CTO). None of us were his roommates and he had changed rooms mid-week, so we didn’t know where he was staying. He wasn’t picking up his phone. We were worried. Turns out h ended up waking at 12 pm due to a lot of troubles he had the night before with getting locked out and the hotel not believing he was a guest. But that’s his story…

So my friends and I went north of the Cotai strip where our conference had been held the entire week to eat at Sei Kee Cafe. We got sandwiches (I got the typical pork chop) and milk teas.


The pork chop sandwich

It was well worth the 20 minute walk from the hotel and Cotai strip into Taipa village.

After the sandwiches, we hopped on the free shuttle to the Hong Kong ferry and got on the rocky boat to the beautiful Hong Kong.

So, the 6 of us. The 6 people who ranged from not hungover to very hungover. Got on a boat. A 1 hour boat. to Hong kong.

I managed to fall asleep fairly quickly, so i luckily did not feel the terrible sway of the boat. But a most of my friends were not so lucky. Apparently the boat swayed a lot, adding to the already uneasy queeziness of some of my friend’s stomachs. And because I was sole person to fall asleep from taking off and landing at the next dock, they took photos of/with me.

Why does this sound familiar.

Finally we got Hong Kong and split our ways. We were all staying in different parts of the island but were going to meet up in 4 hours. I went and met with Boyfriend.

Boyfriend had gotten into Hong Kong the night before and had the spent day exploring and shopping in Hong Kong. It was my second time going to the city and Boyfriends third, so you can say most of tourist things were not done.

I really love Hong Kong. The food, the culture, the smell of ocean in the air, the ocean breeze, and the massive amounts of hills remind me of home: San Francisco. There is even a Gough street in Hong Kong (also one in SF). I have a goal of going to Hong Kong more often.

After meeting up, we got out in the streets, wandering. We ate at a good brewery and then went to Craftissimo for the first time

A-MAZING fries

After, we met up with friends to spend the night in LKF, the party scene of Hong Kong

The next morning, Boyfriend and I got dim sum at Dim Sum square. It was absolutely amazing and very close to our hotel.

We got stacks of crystal shrimp dumplings, which are one of my favorites

after some amazing food, we started wandering around the city. We walked by some amazing spelt streets and stores ( for example: Fuk On Lane).

After some a few hours of wandering, Boyfriend and I went back to Craftissimo and got beers. We even picked up some fr the road and some to take home to Shanghai

Side note: despite having watched “crazy rich Asians” with me at home the week before this trip AND watching the movie on the flight to Hong Kong, Boyfriend did not make the connection between this beer name and the movie for a solid 2 weeks after first drinking it.

Easily the best beer

After some good drinking of quality beers, we took a few for the road and met up with our friends back in the LKF and hung out

All in all Macau/Hong Kong was a fun trip, but my body needed to go into hibernation and relaxation after the week

Off to the next trip.

You can read about my trip back to Hong Kong in 2019 here


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