Alisha Explores Kuala Lumpur

and does nothing

For New Years this year, Boyfriend and I went to Kuala Lumpur. Last year, we spent into together in Shanghai and it was borrrrriiinnnggg. Nothing happens in Shanghai for New Years

We had a flight out of Shanghai at 6 am, meaning we had to leave our home at 3 am to get to the airport and checked in. At the time of leaving, it was -2C. It was freezing

Upon landing in Kuala Lumpur on our somewhat red eye direct flight, it was 30C.

Hahahaha. I was so glad to leave Shanghai

The Kuala Lumpur has a massive mall at the exit/entry of the airport. We were hungry as it was noon when we landed, and walked to a grocery store.


Living abroad, there’s a lot of stupid things you miss. Like flaming hot Cheetos. They do have flaming hot Cheetos in China, but they are not good and taste more like……BBQ? It’s not good. Not tasty. Not worth your time

So we bought a bag. And it brought the nostalgia back. It was delicious.

Only one thing gives me fingers like this

After, we took the 1 hour taxi to downtown KL, where we were staying at the Mandarin Oriental.

We chose this hotel for 2 reasons: 1) the closeness of the hotel to the Petrona Towers and 2) the niceness of the pool

We checked in and went to our room which had a baller view of the towers

After, we went to the pool, where we lived for 3 days

From time to time, we left the hotel or were not at the pool. For example, we did play tennis one morning. But it was 29C with no shade, and that part wasn’t fun.

One night, we checked out a street that was near downtown that had a lot of bars and restaurants. We also got to see a cool view of the towers

On New Years Eve, we learnt that our room (since it was facing the park) had the best view of the fireworks. So we made little plans of moving from the hotel and most importantly, the pool

But then they tried kicking us at 4 pm to set up for their NYE event, but we persisted. See below Boyfriend in the smack dab center of the bar set up

So, kicked out and time to kill, we checked out the mall at the foot of the Petrona Towers. Which is also amazing. It has a full Sephora that reminds me of the SF one AND it has a Laniege and Belif (for all my kbeauty listeners) and a Bath and Body Works

So, being cheap. Boyfriend and I went to the grocery store in the mall and bought a bottle of gin and bottles of tonic water. We then went to 7-11 (I know, classy), and bought 2 cup of noodles, a bag of chips, and a bag of pretzels

And that’s what we did for New Years Eve 2019. We played music in our room, ate and drank, and talked until the fireworks started from our front row seat in our hotel

On New Years Day, we checked out of our hotel and spent our day stocking up on items at the Petrona Mall. Got loads of high quality and cheap kbeauty (for Boyfriend) and some candles. We then said goodbye to KL in the rain and went back home to Shanghai and the cold

I still really want to live in OneKL building (lofts WITH a pool)


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