Alisha Explores Railay Beach and Thai Islands

And relaxed

Boyfriend and I landed in Krabi around 6 and had our hotel pick us up. They drove all the way to the beach, as to then we took a long tail boat to our hotel on Railay Beach

Railay Beach is a wonderful secluded beach on a peninsula with water only access. It’s surrounded by giant cliffs, making impossible for cars to get to. The only way to get to the peninsula is on a long tail boat.

Once we checked into our awesome cottage (by now it’s like 8 pm), we headed to the pedestrian street. Being on a isolated peninsula, this pedestrian street is like it in terms of food and nightlife.

We didn’t realize how long it was and ultimately ended up going to the first place we saw. Which was not smart. It was rubbed a by a bunch of teenagers who more into gossip and each other than serving food. You could tell all of the adults in the kitchen (it was an open one) we’re getting visibly frustrated with the kids. Needless to say, we did too

After, we walked the entire length of the pedestrian (even getting to the last bar aptly named “Last Bar”). We ended up at Boss Bar. It had open air seating and live music. What we didn’t realize was there was a big table of Russians (maybe?) who were drinking there

And they were hilarious. They kept giving the singer and guitarist song requests and singing along. At one point, they performed a song. And it ended with the singer singing their #1 requested song : “my heart will go on”. Yes. The Titanic song. And those boys sang along

Eventually, we went back to our cottage for the night. Fun fact. Our cottage’s shower was a private outdoor shower. It was awesome

The next morning, we woke up early and had free breakfast from our hotel. We hiked to Phra Nang Cave

Phra Nang Cave is also known as Princess Cave and I know nothing about the history, except there are a lot of penis shaped objects that have collected over the hundreds of years

It’s and interesting place. The beach over here was supposed to be the best but it was only okay at best. So we went back to the main beach.

We laid our towels out and I took a fat nap. Basically. That first day was just swimming and napping for me. Boyfriend eventually got a fresh coconut, which was amazing to swim with

In the afternoon, I got a Thai massage and had my back cracked in so many amazing ways.

And then. I got the best drink in the world. After the massage I was craving something slush or. We walked past this bob Marley bar.

Actually before I go any further, let me go into this. For some reason, Bob Marley and weed culture is super big in Railay. I have no idea. I know thailand is super big on drug enforcement so it feels super random that there are lines of bars with bob Marley music, weed decor everywhere, and selling “happy” things. Their exact words not mine. It’s weird and wasn’t gonna mess with that

But back to the best drink ever. We went to the Bamboo bar, and ordered a banana daiquiri. It taste like liquid candy, and the way the bartender made it was 2x the strength of a normal daiquiri. He also always gave me 1.5 glasses (a big glass and extra in a small one)

I drank so many of these over my trip that on our last day, without even saying a word, I sat down, and the bartender started making the drink


For dinner, we went to this Thai restaurant that served us a full grilled fish (amazinnnggg).

The next day, we went in the 4 island tour. Basically, we had a private long tail boat that drove anywhere Boyfriend and I wanted to go.

First we went to tub island, which has this very shallow walkway that allows people to walk from the Tub island to chicken island

After Tub, we went to Poda. Honestly the whole reason we took the tour. It was beautiful, and we were so early that it was mostly deserted

We spent time here before heading over to chicken island

After about 4 hours of total play, we headed back to Railay for some food. Then I napped for 4 hours

After waking up, we went swimming a little more before having dinner and an early night

The next day was our final. We checked out. Swam a bunch. Had some food. And then got on a boat out to head to Bangkok

Overall, I really enjoyed my time in Railay. It was extremely relaxing. There wasn’t a large crowd here and you weren’t constantly harassed to buy something. It’s not a place for night life though, where most places are closed by 10. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for an escape


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