Alisha Explores Bangkok

Bangkok. Bangkok. Bangkok I don’t even know how to talk about this place. Heat. Humidity. Heat. Humidity. Grime. Traffic I don’t think it’s a place I’ll revisit. That’s for sure We arrived in the afternoon and it was hot. We had to walk a bit to our hotel, and by the time we reached there, my back was drenched with sweat (beautiful imagery). Luckily our … Continue reading Alisha Explores Bangkok

Alisha Explores Railay Beach and Thai Islands

And relaxed Boyfriend and I landed in Krabi around 6 and had our hotel pick us up. They drove all the way to the beach, as to then we took a long tail boat to our hotel on Railay Beach Railay Beach is a wonderful secluded beach on a peninsula with water only access. It’s surrounded by giant cliffs, making impossible for cars to get … Continue reading Alisha Explores Railay Beach and Thai Islands

Alisha Explores Chiang Mai

Happy Chinese New Years! Happy Year of the Pig! I participated in the worlds largest migration this February, which has not been as bad as it has been described. Maybe it’s because I’m a master traveler now? Not sure. But we’ll use that excuse Boyfriend and I had a 10 am flight of Shanghai Pudong to Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was off to a bad … Continue reading Alisha Explores Chiang Mai