Alisha Explores Mallorca: the land of Germans and the end of our Iberian Peninsula trip

We looked around. Boyfriend and I were actually the only people at this beach club who wasn’t of German nationality


The morning we left San Sebastián started raining badly as we arrived at the airport in Bilbao. In 1.5 hrs we landed in hot sunny Palma de Mallorca. And this where we first started noticing the Germans

We caught a bus to the downtown and ate some lunch. And noticed how every restaurant menu started in German, then Spanish, and then English. We sat at our table, and the waiter came to us and spoke in German.

We stopped and looked around. We were the only non-German people there

So it turns out Mallorca is a big vacation spot for Germans. So much, that Germans make jokes about how’s a state of Germany.

Yes. That many Germans.

We checked in and spent the day at the beach relaxing. We spent the evening in our hostel room, aggressively playing deuces ( a great card game) and drinking German beer.

The next day, we picked up a rental car from the airport and drove east(perks of a boyfriend who learned how to drive on stick, you can drive internationally). Boyfriend and I spent our next two days in Mallorca driving from beach to beach and seeing all the wonders.

Here is my stack ranking of the beaches we visited:

  1. Cala des Moro – if you don’t go here while in Mallorca, then you’re the dumb one (it’s the header photo of this post). Crystal clear water, white beach, cliffs, no easy access to the beach so it’s fairly not crowded. Boyfriend and I did get lost on the way to find this beach and found our own special cove. We also sort of stalked a person who seemed to know where they were going so we could find this place. There are no markers to the beach
  2. Cala Mollins – granted, we weren’t able to swim here because of the extremely dangerous tide at the time. But wow, that beach spot was GORGEOUS and the view from the beach was phenomenal
  3. Cala Portal Vells- we spent our second day here almost all day. Fairly small crowd and beautiful water
  4. Cala Deia- granted, hard to get to driving wise. But gorgeous area and beautiful town. It is NOT a sand beach. Be warned.
  5. Cala Mondrago – Beautiful 2 sided beach. A little touristy
  6. S’Arenal – this is in like the center of German tourism. Beautiful beach, but super touristy. I’m downgrading the beach because of the tourism
  7. Platja des Trenc – this was the first beach we checked out and thought it was so amazing. We were not ready for what else was to come

Overall, Mallorca was beautiful and peaceful. We were able to relax at beaches. Talk about life on our car drives (from one end of Mallorca to the other is about ~40 min drive) as well as talk about our favorite fast food to keep us engaged when we were both getting sleepy and not near our hostel. We checked out Tito’s, a dance club. Which was weird and definitely a tourist trap (don’t check it out). And found the haven for Germans, S’Arenal.

We found S’Arenal as our last stop before we left for Barcelona and our flight home. It was 7 mins from the airport and we were a little early to check in. So we drove to this beach town, got out the car, and walked down the boardwalk.

S’Arenal felt like it was mini Germany in Mallorca. We were at a beach club, and they were playing German EDM and all of the waiters were German. It was so crazy and mind boggling.

But, beautiful beach.

And that was the end of our trip. We got on our flight back to Barcelona. Since the referendum vote for Catalonia to become a separate union happened while we were in Lisbon, we were keeping active on what was happening within the city. Protests, riots, stores shut down, transportation shut down: it was a little too risky to go back into town and not get stuck.

So we spent our last night of our trip in a airport hotel. Which was kinda perfect. We didn’t get in till close to 11 pm and boyfriends flight was at 11 am the next day. It was a perfect stop before we had to part our ways.

Overall, our trip to the Iberian Peninsula was great. It was my first trip ever not going with a plan, and I would definitely do it again. I would not, however, accidentally book to Vigo again. Or spend as much time as we did in Lisbon.

Off to my next adventure.

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