Alisha Explores Brighton

Just like everyone in the world, the onset and spread of Coronavirus- (covid-19) disrupted my way of life. No longer was I traveling at least once a month. No longer was I walking to work and working in an office. My life was then filled with Zoom virtual happy hours, lots of zoom meetings, working crazy hours, having home and work blend all together into … Continue reading Alisha Explores Brighton

Alisha Explores Luzern and Zurich

Switzerland An expensive place But a beautiful place I went to Switzerland for work, as half of my team is based out of the city of Luzern (or Lucerne depending on what map you look at). I took advantage of my weeklong trip to Luzern by going early and staying late. I arrived in Zurich on a Sunday morning, and the snow was starting to … Continue reading Alisha Explores Luzern and Zurich