And another adventure of a lifetime begins

“Again.. you’re going again?”

My parents have always questioned why of all the countries I’ve traveled to, Spain is the one I return to the most. After spending two months as a high schooler in the college town of Salamanca and in the northern town of Torrelevega, I was hooked.

The food, the culture, the food, the sites, and the food kept bringing me back. Every time I came back, I did something new and saw something different.

The second time I went to España, I spent a few days in Barcelona with my friend as we backpacked across Europe. Having a travel partner who is a vegetarian made it pretty hard to selfishly indulge myself in all the meats and seafood España has to offer. So we saw the major sites (Gaudi galore), enjoyed the playa, and danced around at the discoteca.

The third time I went to España, I went with two coworkers to the San Fermin Festival, also known as the Running of the Bulls festival. I definitely did not run (I like my body full and un-gored, why thank you) but watched my friends and countless others while they ran away from bulls and entered the bull ring. I went to my first bullfight and watched the matadors evenly fight against the bulls and dance between their horns. I still remember the moment and sound of an entire arena opening their bocadillo out of the tin foil wrapping after the third fight.

And now, I am going again.

Today, I fly out to meet my boyfriend in the wonderful city of Barcelona to traverse and explore the Iberian Peninsula over the next 2.5 weeks. He has never to been to España, and neither of us have been to Portugal. We have no accommodations (besides our first weekend) or travels booked.

It’s going to be a adventure of a lifetime.


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