Alisha Explores Porto: Port Wine & Francesinha

Food. Wine. More Food. More Wine. Porto, a city full of hills, port wine, and amazing food. Someone had told Boyfriend and me that Porto was flat. They were oh-so-extremely wrong. It is so hilly. After getting on the bus from Vigo, I was passed out the entire 3 hr bus ride to Porto. When... Continue Reading →

Alisha Accidentally Explores Vigo

"Well....I guess this is downtown" ----- Boyfriend and I tried multiple times to go to La Boqueria in Barcelona, and every time we went, it was closed. On our second to last trip to the market, we did not eat anything before so we could eat our fill at the market. Unfortunately, it was a... Continue Reading →

Alisha Explores Barcelona: Reunited (in Barcelona) and it feels so goood

I sit there. Amazed This woman was amazing. She was a native French speaker with a French boyfriend and a Spanish best friend. Boyfriend and I are two Americans And she is the single reason the five of us could communicate. It's 1:30 am, boyfriend and I are sitting in one of the best dance... Continue Reading →

And another adventure of a lifetime begins

"Again.. you're going again?" My parents have always questioned why of all the countries I've traveled to, Spain is the one I return to the most. After spending two months as a high schooler in the college town of Salamanca and in the northern town of Torrelevega, I was hooked. The food, the culture, the... Continue Reading →

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